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Try our “Chamomile & Honey” Eye Drops - Lightens eye color :NOTE: Those that want a darker eye color can use latisse (lumigan, careprost). This product is known to darken the iris. ::: TIP ::: A raw diet will increase iris lightening results. Taking Vitamin C & Rutin will also increase results.
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1 Iris Lightener Kit
TWO Iris Lightener Kits
CONTENTS (STERILE) 1.) Iris Lightening Solution (arbutin eye drops) - 15ml 2.) MSM Eye Drops - 15 ml     (1 Kit Lasts: 1 MONTH)   These eyedrops gradually lighten eye color. The active ingredient is Alpha-Arbutin (a.k.a bearberry extract/uva ursi extract) which is found naturally in fruit & plants. It is extracted from plants like bearberry leaves (uvi ursi), wheat, and is very concentrated in pear skins. Arbutin inhibits tyrosinase, thus prevents the formation of melanin & is therefore use as a mild skin lightener in a wide range of skin lightening products. Just like vitamin-C, mulberry extract, licorice extract & kojic acid, arbutin is a natural gentle alternative to hydroquinone and mercury based skin lighteners.   You can use these drops until you achieve the lightness you desire. Anything done to the eye is PERMANENT therefore your eye color change is permanent and not a temporary lightening effect. Individual results differ, eye darkness will determine how soon you will see results. This product should be used for at least 8-12 weeks to get the best noticeable results.   TO: IMPATIENT INDIVIDUALS This is a natural product with gentle ingredients but that doesn’t give you the right to abuse or misuse this product. Using this product more or more often than instructed will NOT yield faster or better results. Mixing this product with any other eye drops or substances can & will cause it to be ineffective. PLEASE READ all of the information on this page, the “Ingredient List” & research the ingredients on your own before buying this product or contacting customer support with the same questions.  ALLERGIES DO NOT use this product if you have known allergies to any of the ingredients contained in this product. If you are allergic to Arbutin or derivatives of it DO NOT use this product. If you experience an allergic reaction (swelling, itching, redness, pain or numbing) to this product please DISCONTINUE immediately.  SIDE EFFECTS ::Iris Lightening Solution:: There may be subtle lightening of where ever the lightening solution constantly touches. This can be prevented by moisturizing your eye area with a thin layer of Vaseline. While using, and as eyes get lighter, your eyes may become "sun sensitive" similar to people with light colored eyes. Wear UV sunglasses when weather is sunny ::MSM Eye Drops:: May cause eyelashes to grow longer/faster. Also will improve visual acuity & eye health.  WHAT TO EXPECT We DO NOT promise “specific eye color” results, that’s impossible & unreasonable for someone to expect or ASK. This product will gradually lighten your eye color, period. It's no different than lightening your skin, would you ask the makers of skin lighteners what color you will achieve? Of course not. Use this product to lighten your eye color, then discontinue use when you’ve reached your desired lightness.  NOTE: This product consists of natural gentle ingredients but we still suggest that you get an eye exam before, during & after using this product. This is for your own benefit to monitor eye health.
FIVE Iris Lightener Kits
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