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CHAMOMILE TEA  Chamomile has been used for centuries as an herbal  remedy, to treat a wide range of conditions and diseases  when used internally or externally. This bitter-sweet herb  acts medicinally as a tonic, anodyne, anti-spasmodic, anti-  inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-allergenic, and  sedative. Lightening Effect  Chamomile tea has many benefits for skin, hair, eyes &  over-all health. Many people use it as a natural skin  lightener. Unlike other natural skin lighteners that contain  tyrosinase inhibitors (i.e. licorice & bearberry extracts),  chamomile contains an endothelin inhibitor. Endothelin  inhibitors are reported to work faster than tyrosinase  inhibitors on account of the fact that their mechanism of  action is outside the melanocyte cell membrane.  Tyrosinase inhibitors on the other hand have to cross four  barriers. Endothelin antagonists (inhibitors) are known to  cause a four-times accelerated inhibition of the melanin  synthesis compared to other plant based melonogenesis  inhibitors. The EA compounds do not enter the  melanosomes and cause cell cyto-toxicity to inhibit the  tyrosinase or the oxidative processes. These compounds  penetrate into deeper layers of the epidermis to inhibit  endothelin protein, which is a safe method of skin  lightening.  MANUKA HONEY  Lightening Effect  It has been rumoured & debated for quite a while about  honey being able to lighten eye color. Numerous people  have claimed to have lightened their eye color with honey,  either purposely or accidentally. All honey has anti-  bacterial properties & has been used for thousands of  years as a natural remedy. Manuka Honey especially has  MUCH higher anti-bacterial properties than your average  honey. So WHY does honey have these lightening & anti-bacterial  properties!?.....Hydrogen Peroxide!…Yes good ole’  Hydrogen Peroxide. All honey contains natural hydrogen  peroxide. Not strong enough to damage tissues but way  more than enough to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. And of  course everyone knows hydrogen peroxide is an effective  whitener used to whiten teeth, whiten/bleach clothes,  whitens skin and bleaches hair. This is why people have  reported lightening of their eye color after months & years  of use. Now there is a key to effectively lightening your eye  color with honey. You must use the right type of honey &  most importantly a “penetration enhancer” that being MSM  Eye Drops, which also have great healing benefits.  
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These all natural eye drops consists of  Chamomile Tea & Manuka Honey.   No preservatives, no additives, no fillers. These eye drops have MANY uses but we  formulated this product especially for  people who want to lighten the color of their  eyes. This is a great alternative to our Iris  Lightener Kit, for those whom are allergic to  Arbutin. This 0.5 fl.oz. bottle will last about 4 weeks.  Please use this product for at least 8 weeks  before expecting significant results. You  should see change before then, but please  use for at least 8 weeks to see significant  change. Please take time to read more about the  ingredients in this product by clicking the  link above. We also encourage you to  research them online as well. CONTENTS: * Chamomile & Honey Drops: 15ml * MSM Eye Drops: 15ml INGREDIENTS: (sterile solution) Organic Chamomile Tea (German  chamomile flowers), Manuka Honey (active  16+), Saline 
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(sterile product)
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